Best Dating Apps

You installed dating apps on your phone and created accounts on each. Be it Tinder, Brenda, Skout, Grindr, OkCupid etc., you are on your search on a possible cyber lover. On the run, you notice there are some common annoying things that guys do. More than the flow of conversation, their profile picture is wrecking your inner peace.

Guys should keep in mind that there are rules for girls to like them and vice versa. In the cyber dating world, appearance sets the first attraction. See how you get boxed in thoughts by women with your profile photo.

 1. If You Got It, Flaunt It!

Appearance Sets the First Attraction

Gym Selfie

If you got the bod, is show off a must? It can be a little risky since a man is judged whether he’s a yay or nay.  This kind of statement goes from the clothed mirror selfie to bare-full biceps and six packs, with plain towel on the bottom, down to the i’m-a-gym-junkie shout-out.

The downfall of this bragging is the possible ‘too vain’ impression that’ll run on the mind of the searchees within the date app. When boys are too vain, they invite gays rather than girls. Others also bash guys who take mirror selfies. Be careful in showing too much skin and muscles, you may look hot but this statement might intimidate your possible match.

 2. Awkwardly close, blurred and disangled.

Awkwardly Close Disangled

You wouldn’t want the stranger you just approached to think you got tasteless smartphone photography. A peek on your nostril from an angle down your double chin and the pores on macro are actually disgusting. Blurred photos are also discouraged. You wouldn’t want to look like a ghost in a shaky snap.

 3. I’m a pet lover!

Pet Lover

Oh wow! I’m a pet lover too! This attracts the opposite who is a mutual animal lover. Still, this has both pros and cons. Since the former is the pro, the con is the thing that your possible match is allergic to animals. Or! Your pet looks better than you. Don’t blame and kill your pet if this happens.

 4. Who’s that girl?!

Include Other Woman In Your Photo

No, you don’t include other woman in your photo! That is so intriguing for your date and possible match. This will give an impression that you have a girlfriend an you’re flirting with somebody even if you don’t. It is important that they see you single.  Don’t blow it away.

 5. Hey, I do sports!

Sports Selfie

She’ll probably say, “That’s good you’re fit!” or again, she’ll be an intimidated cat. Similar to the “Pet Lover” pic, this can add points for flirts but girls have the tendency to think you’re a sports addict. Why do girls who aren’t much into sports dislike sports addict? (1) She’s just not into sports; maybe she’s a book worm or a couch potato. (2) Of course, sports addict are too sports focused; your date might be a sports jealous babe.

6. I’m with Guys on a Groufie Equals Gay Alert.

Groufie Equals Gay Alert

Now you’re posing a groupie. But this time, with guys. What’s hard to think is the question, “Where are you in the pic?” Some guys use the trick of playing a guessing game in order to add a conversation. You have to remember that your date may or may not be into that.

Another pitfall is the question that wreck’s every guy’s ego, “Are you gay?!” You wouldn’t want to explain because only the guilty does it. This gives a gay alert on every woman’s radar. Just avoid this photo as an option.

 7. I’m the Cool Dude.

Cool Dude

“Nice glasses but I can’t see your eyes, do you have another pic?”

Don’t play the mysterious type using this kind of photo. You may look cool but you always have to remember that the eye is the window to the soul. Also, match your sunglass in a proper setting. Don’t wear it in a photo with an indoor or a cloudy day background. Your virtual date is always smart enough to notice. Reveal your mesmerizing eyes to your date. Who knows? Your eyes can make you hotter. It’s always plus!

 8. No Dick Pic Please!!

No Dick Picture

This guy’s next question is probably, “What do you do for fun?”

Don’t ruin the dating world with your ugly toy. This pervert alert exhausts women. You’ll automatically get blocked at first look. But! This is a good catch if you’re looking for girls with mutual mind.

 9. I Don’t Have a Pic.

Don’t Have a Pic

Wow, I never thought I’m talking to a beach, a sunset or other stuff you are most fascinated about. If you don’t have a pic, where did you came from?! Keep in mind the “No photo, no identity” women’s policy. Don’t let your possible match put you last!

 10. Isn’t My Baby Adorable?

Baby Adorable

What the hell are you doing here? You are undeniably cute but your baby is cuter. This is an instant shout-out to the world that you are a dad. Being a dad isn’t bad but you are on a dating site and you don’t bring babies when you flirt. Agree?

You can disclose your daddy issues when you get the conversation to the next level. Bait more fishes not by hiding it in your default photo but by saying things on the right moment.

So, what’s the best photo to use? A headshot with a smile will always be safe. A selfie with an interestingly scenic background will also be a plus. Girls aren’t giving up at the moment, change you DP’s and good luck!