You can’t afford not to get informed of how cute this hunk from the popular movie ‘Thor’ can be. Tom Hiddleston is at times a purple cow you can’t resist not to like even at his weirdest time. Check out these 10 Fun Facts Hiddlestoners should know about.

 1. He is Afraid of Sharks!

Afraid of SHARKS

Event thouhg he loves swimming, The John Williams ‘Jaws’ theme is what comes into his mind whenever he’s out in the sea. In this case, the best solution could be the pool.

 2. His Childhood Hero is Superman.

Childhood Hero Superman

Christopher Reeve’s version of Superman is his considered ‘real’ superhero who completed his child life.

 3. The Hottest Multi-Lingual Hunk.

The Hottest Multi Lingual Hunk

He is of English and Scottish descent. He amazes his fans when he uses French, Greek and Italian languages as response during international interviews.

 4. To Kill Boredom, He Hits Barks off Trees with a Hammer.

Hits Barks off Trees with Hammer

Did he borrowed Thor’s hammer? Do not laugh too hard. He has this weirdest persona at times.

 5. Mom: Don’t Stare at the Sun! Tom: I did. (When You weren’t Around)

Don't stare at the sun

He’s a real born Loki since birth. This is probably one among the cutest scenarios between him and his mom. When his mom asks him not to stare directly at the sun, he does it when his mom is off eyed.

 6. His Mom Washes His Clothes Because the Laundry Machine Eats Him. 

Mom Washes His Clothes

Cuteness overload. He doesn’t know how to wash his clothes. Dear Tom, your fans are willing to wash your briefs. Thanks.

7. Prince William is His Schoolmate. How Cool is that?!

Prince William his schoolmate

Handsome, hot and smart. What more would you ask for?

8. He Secretly Likes Dancing in the Tune of 90’s Music.

Dancing Tune Music

He is cheesy that’s why he’s a perf. This man is also a fan of Kindergarten Cop and Twins, a 90’s show starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

9. Tom Says, He could have been a Cowboy.


Horses neighing and Tom wearing boots and a red bandana scarf is what he could have been. He shared this could be him if he isn’t an actor. Fans would definitely love to join him in his ranch.

 10. He Loves Horses.

He Loves Horses

He said he’ll name his horse ‘Balthazaar’.