1. A Different Kind of Pizza Slicer

A different kind of Pizza slicer

 2. Chopstick with Fan. Cools Your Food in an Instant!

Chopstick with Fan

3. Pizza fork Slicer

Pizza fork Slicer

4. Chopstick Clip. The Easiest Way to Eat Asian.

Chopstick clip

5. The Psycho’s Knife Stand

The Psycho’s Knife Stand

6. Egg Separator. This Ain’t His Colds

Egg separator

7. Diet Fork

Diet fork

8. Don’t Hit the Target

Don’t hit the target

9. Bloody Splatter Cutting Board

 Bloody Splatter Cutting Board

10. Hide Your Cereals

Hide your cereals

11. Now, My Spoon Says Coffee Is a Supplement

Coffee Is a Supplement

12. Nice Reminder Huh

Self control diet spoon

13. Cheese Cutter Trap

Cheese cutter trap

14. The Drum Ladle

The drum ladle

15. Vomiting Duck Egg Separator

Vomiting Duck Egg Separator

16. When All Else Fails, Use the Other Edge

Eating utensils

17. My Fork Rocks!

Fork Rocks

18. Peace Be with You

Peace Be with You

19. My Sunny Side Up Will Fire

Egg gun

20. Diet spoon

Diet spoon