What is It?

Have you at any point simply wished you could lift your pen off the paper and see your drawing turn into a genuine three dimensional article? Well now you can.

3D Printing Pen3Doodler is the world’s first and final 3D Printing Pen. Utilizing ABS or PLA plastic (the material utilized by numerous 3D printers), 3Doodler attracts the air or on surfaces. It’s reduced and simple to utilize, and obliges no product or PCs. You simply connect it to a force attachment and can begin drawing anything inside of minutes.

3Doodler is a shiny better approach for making articles and imaginative works. Whether you are a craftsman or Any kind of specialist or 3D printing lover. We can hardly wait to see what you 3Doodle!

How Does It Work?

3Doodler Draws

As 3Doodler draws , It expels warmed plastic which rapidly cools and sets into an in number stable structure. This allows you to construct ceaseless mixed bag of shapes and things without any difficulty. The vast majority will in a flash have the capacity to follow protests on paper, and after just a couple of hours of practice you will have the capacity to make significantly more complex articles.

3Doodler deals with any surface including plastic. Letting clients to customize things  for example : iPhone cases or whatever else they feel like 3Doodling on. It can even be used for minor repair work.

What can I Make with 3Doodler?

Utilizing the 3Doodler

It can be utilized in numerous ways. it can be made as level structures and peeled off a bit of the surface  as free-form 3D articles, or in partitioned parts, prepared to be joined together utilizing the 3Doodler. The inventive open doors are interminable.

Basic 3D shapes and 3D models

  • Jewellery, pendants and hanging trimmings


  • Decorative workmanship and refrigerator magnets


  • Personalization of ordinary items (iPhone cases, tablets, pens, and so forth.)


  • An Eiffel Tower or a soccer pitch for your Lego men


  • And a great deal more

3Doodler is not a toy for youngsters (its suggested for a really long time 12+). While the plastic expelled from 3Doodler is safe to touch once it has left the pen, the pen itself contains metal tip that can get very hot as around 270C . There is no purpose behind any client to touch the tip while being used, yet security starts things out, and we are making a feature arrangement that will disclose how to utilize the 3Doodler, covering off the distinctive procedures and wellbeing safeguard.