See how incredible the world’s largest internet based company satisfies their consumers with their warehouse that costs millions.

1. The term ‘Fulfillment Center’ is the word used to name Amazon’s Warehouse.

amazon’s warehouse

There are over 90 Amazon warehouse all over US. The photo below is a FC in Phoenix. A FC is where most physical operations takes place before items get into your doorsteps. This warehouse is about 1.2 million square feet.

2. Amazon sales are up to 25% yearly during pick season.

amazon during pick season

November-December is the considered holiday pick season of Amazon.

3. FC employees work real physical work.

fc employees work

Workers in the warehouse works 10-12 hours every November- December pick season. A number of 80K contractual workers are paid from $11 to $14 per hour. Workers roams and walks 17-15 mi. and lifts during their entire work hours. Each worker is monitored inside the FC to assure they work efficiently.

4. FC is a huge maze.

organized warehouse

Items are not organized and are scattered throughout the warehouse.

5. The warehouses’ conveyor belt process 426 orders per second.

conveyor belt process

6. The Pickers, Packers and Pick Mod.

packers and pick mod

Workers are instructed that every package has to be treated like a ‘christmas gift’. Pickers are the workers who gather products in totes while Packers are those who place items in boxes for shipment. The ‘pick mod’ is the worker’s scanner where orders are directly added on the device’s feed.

7. FC is a giant robot.

giant robot

8. Workers find this huge machine operated warehouse a little complicated.

warehouse supervisors

The workers no longer enjoy their breaks due to distanced walks going to places that consumes most of their time. Entering and exiting the warehouse also cause them 25 minutes due to exit metal detectors. A no lipstick and clear bottle only plastic container policy strictly implemented for their supervisors to determine whether their drinks are plain water or not.