Access platforms provide access to technicians who work to maintain overhead networks of cable. Normally, access platforms are mounted onto trucks, which, together, are commonly referred to as ‘bucket trucks’. The ability to safely access the networks of overhead cable is of paramount importance to the organizations that are responsible for managing and maintaining it, and access platforms make that access possible. It takes highly trained technicians to work on the electric power distribution network. These technicians, who are commonly referred to as linemen, do their work from insulated access platforms. A great deal of time and innovation has gone into making this task as safe as possible.

Access platforms are exceedingly useful to organizations that must manage tasks associated with tree care and vegetation management. Parks departments at the state, county and municipal levels all require aerial access to do their work. Additionally, there are hundreds of millions of miles of overhead cable in the United States alone, and much of it runs along streets and lanes, surrounded by trees and other foliage. Access platforms allow vegetation management technicians to prune trees and other foliage in order to maintain the safety of the cable. Certainly the companies that are responsible for maintaining electric power distribution networks require the use of truck-mounted access platforms for the purpose of vegetation management. The same is certainly true for coaxial and other types of data cable.

Access platforms can also play a diverse set of roles for smaller community public works departments and college campuses. Because they make it possible to safely work at elevation, truck-mounted access platforms can be used for a variety of purposes, including lighting maintenance, signage and marquee maintenance, tree care, window cleaning and more. Lighting and signage are particularly relevant to areas that are densely populated, like college campuses. This fact is one of the reasons that colleges should make sure they have the equipment that allows them to get their maintenance tasks accomplished safely and efficiently.

Access Platforms safely provide the ability to access overhead cables, lighting and signage, and hard-to-reach trees, which makes them useful for many different groups of people. They are a sort of Swiss Army Knife, because they are safe, and they make it easy to get to places that might otherwise be a real challenge.