US president Obama has announced carbon pollution standards which power plants will have to abide by. The announcement is going to be a historic step from Obama’s administration that has had a goal to cut emissions of carbon dioxide from power plants across the United States by 32% between 2005 and 2030.

Carbon Dioxide Emission

Apparently, the Clean Power Plan seems to be a landmark step that can potentially reduce energy bills, protect public Health, create employment opportunities in the country and ensure clean power to the nation. Following are the key aspects of the plan:

  • The plan offers the US states great flexibility to decide on the methods to meet carbon standards.
  • It will allow states that can be paired with great incentives to have more time for early use of clean energy.
  • It creates new employment avenues while helping people and businesses to save money.
  • With a strong commitment to low-income communities, the plan incorporates steps to reward states that can make early investment in sourcing and deploying clean energy.
  • It ensures reliability of the grid.
  • It helps the United States to continue its leadership on global climate change.
  • The plan sets targets for states in a fair and credible way. It is also highly responsive to the input from stakeholders, utilities and states.
  • It helps maintain energy efficiency across the country as a key compliance tool.
  • It urges states to increase engagement with the most vulnerable populations.

By the 21st century, nations of the world have started feeling the adverse aftermath of climate change. America has the possibility to become one of the worst sufferers. Obama’s new action tends to minimize the adversities to a great extent and emphasize worldwide obligation for us that we get our children a healthy planet that is not polluted anyway.