Why read books to make you feel better when you can read quotes. You know what people say, quotes are like skirts long enough to cover everything but short enough to keep you interested. Here are 40 sarcastic quotes to make your day, because sarcasm is body’s natural defence against ‘the blues’.

Hello Evolution!!!

 Hello Evolution




You think he is sane, you don’t know him well enough!!!

Seems normal

A big ‘W’ for bacteria!!!

A big ‘W’ bacteria

 But what about the worms???

 About worms



Are you a weather man???

weather man

Catherine Hardwicke has proven that enough already!!

Catherine Hardwicke                                                 

Damn you Noah!!

Damn Noah

Men are so polite!!

Men polite

You bet!!


 The ultimate cure!!

Ultimate cure

Please don’t break someone’s heart!!

Unbreakable heart

Your secret is safe with me!!

Secret safe

BMW it is!!

Happiness BMW



Sure can’t deny Einstein’s wisdom!!

Einstein’s wisdom

Don’t give your 100% always…

Always give 100%

Just describing!!

Clear description

Words to live by…

Words life

John Stewart vs God!!

John Stewart vs God



Waiting for your prince be like…

Partner like prince

I am an Angel, honest!!

Honest like angel

Advice of the day…

Advice life

 Scout’s honor officer…

Scout’s honor officer

 Women don’t cry alright…

Women don’t cry

 Ex s be like…


 Better judgement or better lawyer???

Better judgement or better lawyer

Best parking sign ever…

Best parking best life

 You go santa!!!


 By all means…

Life partner

 Knowledge vs wisdom

Knowledge vs wisdom What a rip-off…


 Do you hate your relatives???

Hate relatives

The lesson for life…

Lesson life

Seriously WTF???

Seriously WTF

Interesting words to live by…   

Interesting wordsCollege!!!