Fast Food Calorie Lookup

The Fast Food Calorie Lookup application gives you a chance to tally the precise measure of calories found on the food that you are going to eat. This application has a database of more than 150 eateries over the U.S. furthermore, the rundown is developing consistently. Thus, every time you go to the eatery and take a gander at the menu, you can counsel this application to check how much your most loved food is going to cost you regarding calories. The Fast Food Calorie Lookup application has an incredible and basic interface, and it has more than 16,000 food things recorded for your pleasure.

Fast Food Calorie Lookup

Food Planner

Food Planner is presumably the most ideal approach to arrange your suppers, shopping furors, and cooking sessions on your Android gadget. Be that as it may, the best thing about Food Planner is that you can adjust every one of your accumulations between different gadgets, so you don’t need to start from the very beginning once more.Food Planner

Kitchen Stories

This application, which calls itself your feature and photograph cookbook, has new free formulas consistently. The formulas come in complete bundles with how-to features, orderly guidelines, wine pairings, and downloadable shopping report.

Kitchen stories

Recipe Search

Recipe Search is a standout amongst the most mainstream food applications on the Google Play Store. It is conveyed to you by, one of the Internet’s driving nourishment sites. The application bought each possible recipe on the planet readily available. Just to outline, there are more than 70 thousand recipes in the database. The recipes are available in written form as well as they are also available featured based, and is helpfully ordered so you can hop directly into your most loved classification without squandering whenever looking. Pretty much every sort of dish. You can likewise skim for recipes by fixings and food titles. Bookmark your most loved recipes, offer them with companions, make your own recipes and offer them, make savable shopping lists, and a significant measure more.

Recipe Search

Open Table

The fundamental go-to application for reserving a spot at the vast majority of your most loved restaurants. Search eateries in your city, select the date, time, and number in your gathering. In the event that this isn’t on your cell phone as of now, download it promptly.Open Table


Yummly is another recipe revelation application that joins wonderful pictures with recipe from around the web. You can channel recipe by the fixings you have available, make distinctive recipe boxes, and raise shopping report for the week taking into account the recipe you pick.


Meal Plans- Food on the Table

A first class application on the Google Play Store, Meal Plans – Food on the Table application performs two functions. In the first place, it gives you a chance to arrange your suppers. Also, second, it helps you spare your cash.

It gathers deals data from your neighborhood grocery store and brings the information straight into your Android gadget. At that point, it hunts down formulas that incorporate the things on special, so you don’t need to purchase the other costly stuff. Also, you can likewise make, sort out and spare basic need records, hence sparing you additional time, vitality, and cash. Get the Meal Plan application at this moment and begin sparing and arranging.

Meal Plans