Elena confesses her love for Damon

Season four of “The Vampire Diaries” is about move, whether from human to vampire or starting with one sibling then onto the next. In the wake of exchanging off her feelings and (at last) playing Judas on, Elena grapples with the way that Damon has stolen her heart. Regularly, the two figure out how to quibble before kissing and having an epic make-up.

Elena confess love

Elena turns into a Vampire

After Matt and Elena get into a fender bender and Elena requests that Stefan spare Matt, not her, she kicks the bucket and awakens following day transitioning into a vampire (on the grounds that she had been bolstered some vampire blood before, don’t stress over it). It’s the begin of an entire new Elena on the show, Elena the Vampire, who we sort of enjoyed better than Elena the dependably in-danger doppelganger.

Elena turn vempire

Elena discovers that Stefan is actually a vampire

For the initial couple of scenes of the show, Elena was sought after by an exceptionally attractive young man who was new to her school. He was somewhat baffling, had an extremely attractive and odd more established sibling, yet was generally beautiful OK. Obviously it didn’t take long for her to make sense of that Stefan was really a vampire, and everything on the show instantly got all the more intriguing with Elena aware of present circumstances.

Elena discovers Stefan vampire

Elena removes Damon from her memory

Instead of face the torment and melancholy of losing Damon Elena had Alaric eradicate the affection she and Damon imparted from her memory, in a minute that made us essentially screech at Damon and Elena in agony.

Elena removes Damon

Elena and Jeremy reminisces and got stoned

Such an extensive amount Elena’s trip has been serious, yet when Jeremy was preparing to go away, she and her sibling had a lighter minute together: They got stoned, discussed their family, and essentially got the opportunity to be youthful and incidentally happy go lucky.

Elena Jeremy reminisces

Elena at aunt Jenna’s death

After Elena’s guardians passed on, her close relative, Jenna, was tasked with dealing with her and Jeremy. At the same time in the second season, she was killed by Klaus in front of Elena in order to break his curse.

Jenna’s death

Elena got her first taste of human blood

It was really hard for Elena to deal with its transition i.e. from human to a vampire but it made a great drama. And finally she got her first taste of sweet human blood.

Elena first taste human blood