Probably, you will find nobody who dislikes a deer. Your love for these beautiful and innocent creatures may be unleashed more decoratively through a quick and easy deer face makeup.

If you want to wear deer face paint at home without spending much, here is a very useful step-by-step guide for you.

If you are already conscious of your beauty, you surely have most of the required supplies. So, you need not spend hundreds of bucks!

Required supplies for this tutorial

Makeup, brown long sleeve shirt, leggings, felt, batting for cushions, clips, tape, and spray adhesive.

Here are the steps

  • Clean and moisturize your face
  • Pick a full foundation set and apply it all over your face evenly
  • Apply white to the forehead, upper lip, bridge of your nose, under eye parts, and jaw line
  • Take a sponge applicator to blend to soften all lines
  • Set the white portions using a translucent powder
  • Line your nose’s outer bridge and connect it to eyebrows using a liner, or a dark cream, or powder shadow
  • Fill your brows and consider adding whispies if required
  • Apply brown, in slightly lighter shade of course, to your forehead, chin and cheeks
  • Blend them and shade your nose’s sides gently
  • For lips, use lipstick or nude liner
  • For the creases on your face, apply a dark brown shadow
  • Wing your lash line out on the ends by heavily applying a liquid or gel liner. Make sure the winging reaches half way across the lash line in the bottom and tear duct area. Pull your tear duct line carefully into a point. You can use the same gel or liquid liner for drawing the nose.
  • Apply the same white you applied at the outset to draw small spots on the cheeks and forehead. Here, you have options to infuse some creative dots.

You are almost done if your face is your only concern!

Some additional steps for more fun

  • For antlers, you should add some branches.
  • To draw ears, you can use felt


Finishing Touch

You can wear leggings and brown sweat shirt. You can add batting on the shirt’s front. Also, you may cut out some spots from the felt on the back and attach them properly.

Now, stand before your mirror and see if you can smile with your refreshing deer face paint.