If you are a job seeker, you cannot but become fragile at times, a truth you cannot always realize. According to many HR leaders, most job seekers are often ready to talk unnecessarily about themselves even without being prompted.

Are you sure you have not told recruiters something that would make you look like a candidate looking for a job desperately regardless of how your negotiation stance will be? You can barely get what your interviewers actually think about you. They might seem friendly enough to have you speak inconsiderately. Do not fall into such warmth.

Because you do not intend to tarnish your negotiation advantage, you must not tell these 12 things to your hiring manager.

  1. Do not say, “Currently, I have no other job opportunities.” Do not say, “I’m talking with another employer.” They will avoid sharing any confidential matter. So, you can tell them that you are following the same way as they are regarding the disclosure of the identities of other candidates competing for the same opportunity.2_not_to_say_things
  2. Instead of talking about your financial situation, you can tell your recruiter about your salary target if that is reasonable.
  3. Sure, you really need a job, but this is not what your recruiter should learn from your mouth. The discovery of such dire necessity would lead to a less-than-good outcome.
  4. You must avoid telling the recruiter that you have something undesirable on your resume if you really have one. Remember that your recruiter should not have been the best friend by the time.
  5. Resist your emotions for making the recruiter hear that you are in a “do-or-die” situation with your current job if you are already employed.12-bad-things-Secrets-Lifes
  6. Upon receiving an offer from another company, you may want a particular recruiter to match or raise the offer. Well, telling that thing is not bad. However, do not say, “It would be great if your offer comes close to the one I received.” You must not undervalue yourself.
  7. Do not disclose a price that is the least you can work for. If your salary expectation is within a reasonable sum, do not hesitate to tell.
  8. Do not speak too frankly for your recruiter to know for sure about your long-term plans. You never know how long the client company wishes to have you work for them.3_interviewers_group
  9. If you are willing to keep your candidacy considerable, do not tell anything about any unethical issues, disqualification or unctuousness demonstrated by the people involved in the recruitment process.
  10. Never tell that you are available all day and night. Telling about your 24/7 availability would cause you unwanted troubles in the job by making you rarely free of official duties.
  11. Do not say, “I am ready to do anything”. Telling such will only make you not passionate about your own brand and dilute your positivist as a job seeker. Be specific while talking about your desired role.what_not_to_say_to_recruiter
  12. Your recruiter knows what is on your resume. On being asked something particularly, you must not tell that it is on your resume. Perhaps, recruiters want to know more than mere words or references on the resume.

Getting hired with proper stance requires a lot more than just a few tips like the ones above. However, these suggestions will surely save you from the worse.