The first thing what may come into your head after reading the headline is- what is FBA or the fulfillment by Amazon? It’s very easy and simple. When you go to a market to buy any product, what do you do? You check the product carefully, choose it and finally bring it to your home in exchange of money. In spite of that, sometimes problems happen. Maybe, after bringing the product in your home you may notice the damaged part which you hadn’t seen in the shop. So, you need to go to the shop and ask for a new product or the money back.

Now, as a shopping medium Amazon also does the same. They introduce the customers to the sellers and give you the opportunity to buy and sell. Now, what will happen if you find your delivered products damaged after delivery, or lost your product during delivery? No worries! Because Amazon has rules and regulations for these type of situations too.

So, what Amazon actually does if anything like this happen? Actually, the matter takes place in two ways.

From the perspective of a customer-

Amazon FBA Inventory

You may find your product damaged after taking the delivery. In that case, Amazon gives you the opportunity to take return money or a new product. But there are some rules of that. To get your damaged product changed-

  1. You have to submit an application in the Amazon site through the account of your seller within the 30 days of product delivery.
  2. You have to maintain the policy of Amazon during taking back a product. There are some products which Amazon doesn’t allow to take back.
  3. Your seller may provide new product or give your money back according to the FBA. But for that, you have to know which type of rule they follow and you have to let them know that which type of service you want.
  4. After getting the new product you have to give back the damaged product to the seller.


From the perspective of a seller-


You may lose your product during delivery. Sometimes, during the delivery process, product can be damaged. So, here Amazon also has taken some policies for you. This are-

  1. If your product has been lost or damaged by the Amazon, it will reimburse you. The reimbursement can be done through giving you money or replacing the previous one.
  2. If your damaged product, after giving the new product to the customer, is not back from the customer, Amazon also will reimburse you.

If you think it is difficult for you to know how much money you owe from Amazon you can hire services for FBA refunds or reconciliation system.

For getting your reimbursement for Lost and Damaged Inventory, you can let Amazon know about your loss according to its FBA Reimbursement Policy. But for this, you have to wait long. You have to be patient. The money giving process is not an automatic thing, and, sometimes, it takes long time. Amazon may check you throughout the time.

During this time Amazon will check the information of-

  1. Your client and dealings
  2. Average selling price
  3. Sales history of the specific ASIN

If all of them are okay, then the seller will get the reimbursement. But for that, even after that, you have to take in your mind that, you can’t claim reimbursement for any product which costs over $5,000. If you have something which costs more than it, then you have to go for third party insurance. According to the policy of Amazon FBA, seller needs to claim his/her product reimbursement within the 9 months of product damage or loss. And you have to submit all the other things within 18th months. If Amazon finds any previous error reimbursement, it will make them perfect after the present claim. Even, you have to aware about those things of which Amazon doesn’t have any reimbursement under Fulfillment by Amazon. To get a perfect idea about how much reimbursement you can get from Amazon, let’s check it out!


Product category Default per-item reimbursement value
Book $12
Music $10
Video $10
DVD $15
Electronics $100
Jewelry $50
Video Games $25
Kitchen $25
Grocery & Gourmet Food $25
Home $50
Sports $50
Baby $20
Toy $20
Beauty $20
Health $20
All other categories $25

Source- Amazon