It was initially known as the hourglass figure then the figure 8, graduated to the butternut squash figure and now the coke bottle figure. Inspired by famous icons like Marilyn Monroe and the infamous Kardashian sisters, women all around the world are striving and working as hard as ever to achieve this body figure, now more than ever as it is almost summer.

The coke bottle figure is where the bust and the hips measure within an inch or two of each other and your waist is ten inches or smaller than these measurements. For example, having a 34” bust, 24” waist and 34” hips.

The hourglass figure is to be desired as it has been proven by research that men find women with this figure to be highly attractive. Scientists say that seeing the coke bottle figure causes the male brain to produce oxytocin (the same chemical produced when they ingest alcohol and drugs). In addition, research has shown that women with the coke bottle figure are best for child bearing as they have about 30% higher levels of estradiol (female reproductive hormone) than women with other body shapes thus are more likely to conceive.

How To Get The Coke Bottle Figure

Methods such as; the no carb diet, juice cleanses, slimming pills and crash dieting among others have been adapted by 70% of the women aspiring to get the coke bottle figure(some women have been known to go as far as starving themselves).All these methods have been proved to be dangerous to personal health. The best and healthiest way to attain the figure 8 is by working out and maintaining a healthy diet.

The three most important aspects of the coke bottle figure are;

  • A small waist
  • A round toned butt
  • A lean upper body

There are so many workout routines that can help you achieve all these without even having to go to the gym. The most recommended routine is cardio as one tends to burn more calories doing cardio than when doing other routines. Also it helps reduce belly fat therefore helping one to achieve the small waist and lean upper body. Simple examples of cardio exercises include walking, running and swimming.

Squats are famously known to help women develop an “apple bottom”, as they help to tighten and lift the butt muscles thus giving it a firm and rounded shape.

We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat” …. if you eat junk food and drink beer, you cannot expect to look like a Victoria’ssecrets model. You must eat healthy and clean in order to achieve your goals. Eat organic and fresh food, avoid chemically synthesized foods and canned foods.

Achieving the coke bottle figure is not as hard as it may seem yet again it still cannot be considered as easy. But with the right drive and methods you can achieve your body goals before the summertime and maintain it for a lifetime.