If you are a cat-hooman such as me, you must’ve enjoyed this Christmas on a whole different level. Cats and destruction are the two things that go in complementary pairs. If you have cats at home, destruction is going to be a permanent tenant at your place. Us, cat-hoomans are all very familiar with the process of “cat-acceptance” of a new object that enters our household (even if it’s a human! lol). If you are a to-be-cat parent or if you are here just for a laugh let me give you a little insight of how Christmas usually turns out for the cat people.

A cat ALWAYS knows when something new enters the house. By ‘something’ I mean absolutely anything! It can even be a tiny little snow flake but the cat will know, they always know! @_@

Christmas is never complete without the festive decorations, and what is Christmas without the tree! However, the cat owners usually wait till the last moment to bring in the tree or wait as long as possible before unveiling the tree.

Christmas Trees

This is because the life of the tree starts a countdown as soon as the master (la cat) of the house lays his eyes on it.


Once the tree has been sighted, it is only a matter of time till his highness makes his appearance and starts his inspection on the pointy-catnip-colored-thing.


Inspection always starts with the action of sniffing the very soul out of the tree! Followed by pawing, biting, spitting, hanging, shrieking and what not K

Cat biting christmas tree

Cat chewing christmas tree








Lower branch or not, the kitty will definitely reach the top to declare his victory


…and once that happens, the tree will probably not be standing upright anymore.

Cat and fallen christmas tree

It does not end there of course! The next round, at least in my case, starts with me crying out a little…

Christmas tree mess

….questioning my life choices, apologizing to the poor tree, and of course chasing the cats around the house demanding an explanation. After all that commotion I usually find myself stealing a handful of candies from the Christmas candy stash and getting to business with the tree. However, as soon as I start getting the tree dressed again, I swear I can literally hear the cats going…

Cats blaming dog

I sigh to myself and start putting up the bling-blings on the wounded tree anyway. But as we all know, anything that hangs or moves are taken very offensively by the thug kitties. This automatically put the bling-blings on the cats’ “must-kill” list.

The picture below shows a super accurate breakdown of how cats see a Christmas tree. (Whoever came up with it deserves a big round of applause!).


Once the bling-blings are up, the cats literally lose their minds! Their natural instinct makes them view the tree as a tall-cone-thing covered in preys that need to be brought down to their level (off the trees basically).


Within a few moments, I’m sure that we all have a situation going on that looks very similar to the following images. I’m sure their owners laughed hysterically and felt bad for the tree at the same time :v

(This snake must be destroyed!)

Cats destroying christmas tree

(Get ready to be crushed you little floating thing!)

Cats crushing christmas tree

(Yes mates, let’s end this once and for all!)

Cats tearing apart christmas tree

After all that, as expected, this happens again…

Fallen christmas tree by cats

or this…

Fallen christmas tree

Perhaps this…

Cats and christmas tree

In conclusion, Christmas tree might not be the prettiest thing at a cat-hooman’s house on Christmas Eve. However, cats and Christmas trees are guaranteed to be a super fun and memorable part of the evening for your whole family. But then again, if you are someone who absolutely loves a gorgeous tree with lovely delicate decorations the following are some images that were uploaded by some creative cat-hoomans (and some normal humans) and they might come in handy for you too! 😀


Cat staring at christmas tree

Caging the tree is also an option that I never thought of before, seems fool proof!

Caging christmas tree

All in all, Christmas is Christmas for humans and non-humans alike! Have a blast, be a blast and let others blow up too \(^_^)/ Merry Christmas!