Probably, you are thinking this is some kind of funny question. Well, it’s the truth that you will not want to believe unless you know about it.

Babies funny question

Known as Embrace infant warmer, this invention has so far saved the lives of 150,000 babies in as many as 10 different countries. Why don’t you call it the most useful baby saver?

How is it possible?

This infant warmer helps newborn babies regulate the temperatures of their own body in the earliest and most crucial moments of their life.

An amazing finding about this infant warmer that can change the world……

It can offer exactly the same results as any hi-tech incubator does but for as low as 1% of the cost. Each year, it can be used to save more than 20 million underweight and premature babies all over the world.

New born baby warmer

The most sophisticated incubators may cost as much as $20,000, but this simple device will cost only 1% of that amount. Don’t worry. The result is no less than effective.

The founder of this fantastic life saver

Jane Marie Chen, the CEO of the social enterprise startup Embrace Innovations, is the co-founder of it. The World Economic Forum named the 36-year old woman as a Young Global Leader in 2012.

Jane Marie Chen

She declared that the goal of her enterprise is to help at least 1 million babies, but of course, such gigantic endeavors require monetary assistance.

It is the expectation of many beneficiary parents that Jane Chen along with her other colleagues will be able to go ahead with the support that the world has to offer.