Go out for shopping


Shopping is great way of entertainment. It gives you joy n pleasure, Getting the things which you ever wanted to buy provides you the real happiness.

Watch the latest movie

Latest movie

Go out and watch a latest movie with your loved ones.

Go on a beach


Having a see view infront of your eyes, with a glittering sun light on your head, and a little cool breeze blowing through your body. what else you need ???? It provides you the great session of relaxation n keep all your body, mind and heart calm.

Enjoy your special meal

Special meal

After the whole rough n casual week, you can experience cooking. You can try your own favorite recipe, it is no doubt the moment of great fun n memories when you cook something by your own hands.

Clean up your messi room

Messi room

Of course, We all are busy person and the bitter truth is that we don’t even have the time to clean up our room. So weekend is the best time to do such kind of activities.