Hunger Games Movie

It is indeed unusual if coup d’état exists in today’s modern time. Also, a rarer picture of a fiction turned reality scenario is more unlikely to happen. Ironic it may seem but these two situations are actually happening. In fact, both circumstances equate the situation Thailand cries as the country experiences deep freedom turmoil.

francis lawrence

Certain theater houses have already pulled out the movie “Mocking Jay Part 1” to play on cinemas in the event of its famous contribution to the current Thai junta. The three-finger salute popularized in the book of Suzanne Collins and filmed by Francis Lawrence was adopted by the Thai Protestors which led them behind bars.

Mocking Jay Part 1

Five students were recently arrested by plainclothes police for acting the salute while the country’s present Prime Minister, Prayuth Chan-Ocha gives speech.

thai prime minister prayut chan-o-cha.

It will be remembered that last 1 June, a political seizure went more disturbed when the mob cracked harder noise by imitating the Hunger Games’ legendary anti-oppression symbol. The event even led to a disrupted screening of the movie in theaters throughout Thailand. The movie was pulled out of theaters to avoid the unlikely political effect the movie contributes.

Meanwhile, Mocking Jay Director Lawrence expressed his surprise to the behavior posed by the student protesters. Lawrence expressed his sorry for the detained students. He furthered that he didn’t want the movie to influence them and get imitated that way.

director francis lawrence

On other reports, the Asian country China also feels threatened of a possible similar scenario.