Since the introduction to the Internet, it has been a common pastime for many to screw with people virtually. Did you ever think cute anime girls can be created to dismantle the efforts and presence of terrorists on social media? Well, meet ISIS-Chan and see how hacktivists have found a truly Japanese way to silence the orgy of bloodshed.

Look at the animated character which is a sort of ISIS mascot.The anime girl with her favorite melon

Who is ISIS-Chan?

Unlike ordinary cute anime girls, she wears black clothing much like the one belonging to the terrorist group. Her dark hair and green eyes made her look conventionally beautiful. The 19-year old anime girl holds a knife just because she wants to cut up and eat melons.

ISIS-Chan eating melon

Where the Islamic State (ISIS), the most vicious terrorist group in modern era, is killing innocent people while waving AK-47s quite boisterously, there must be someone or something that demonstrate the act of defiance, and Anonymous, the Japanese hacktivists, came forward to troll the intimidating propaganda.

Why ISIS-Chan Came into being?

So far, it is obvious the anime girl has been created with the purpose of turning the image of the ISIS from a vicious rebel group to a cute, harmless teenage girl. Who does not know that the Islamic State is trying to spread a radical Islamic ideology?

ISIS-Chan instead of terrorists

However, Anonymous has confirmed that their motive is not to insult Islam but to represent the anime as a traditional satire to hijack the message of the terrifying group and replace it with their cute girl, oh-so-adorable!

ISIS-Chan protesting

Anti-ISIS individuals have claimed that they want that people will get the cute girl when they search for “ISIS”. The activists are also in pursuance of attacking ISIS-related blogs, websites, Facebook pages and just about any type of online platform. The only thing they are after right now is to flood the Twitter accounts of ISIS sympathizers with cute anime girls.

Apparently, the vibrant global community that has panache for Japanese cute anime girls has showed their adoration for this “Google bomb”. Anti-ISIS activists seemed to start a war of attrition wherein they use images as ammunition while “search engine optimization” as their rule of engagement.