Texting is the new way of expressing ones feeling for another one. Whether it’s a secret, expressing love , grudges,it’s connecting from one person to another at all level.You don’t need to own a very expensive smart phone to do that,as the feature of texting is programmed in every phone  ,let it be expensive or the affordable ones,sms has the ability to ruin a persons relationship and even ruin it at the same time,so one need to use it wisely as now the social media is a vast ,and there is a possibility one can easily slip with their typed words on a 4.5 inch screen.

Men are complicated ,thus they need to be loved and cherished that to using ones cleverness of words,as you can impress a person and win ones heart through your words,at the beginning of all relationship,the first thing that one really does is communicate,that is too texting as most of the time botha the parties are busy,their small love notes help to build the healthy relationship giving it a nedestiny.Ther are few rules one must follow as one can be judged through their language of texting,they are

Men and Desperation

Men and Desperation

If a guy so much as senses any level of desperation, he will disappear,vanish into thin air like magic.

So keepthis in mind: you’re observing a guy to see if he is going to treat you well, take care of you and fit into your life. i.e. you’re checking to see if you’re both heading in the same direction in life,so if  you give your heart away too soon, the guy will think that you don’t value yourself and he will immediately seize to value you.


Sense of Humor

A sense of humor helpsalot. By that, I don’t mean to write jokes from a joke book. I mean use your specific sense of humor.

That said, don’t turn everything into a joke or sarcasm—and don’t write “haha” or “LOL” “ROFL” “LOLLZ” at the end of everything.

“I wouldn’t mind spending some time with you… LOL” SAY WHAT? “LOL” just ruined the flirting because there’s nothing funny about spending time with him. Is there? If you say something, don’t always try to “soften it up” by adding a LOL by the end of it. Show that you stand for what you say. Or else you will sound lame ,which would drive him away from you.



Do not text him 24/7 ,Irepeat,do not do that,this doesn’t make a guy interested at you,but this would back fire ,as your constantly nagging him ,disturbing him,to get his attention, and men hate that,they love their space,men love their alone time ,so it would be better if you text him once in a while ,not more that 20 texts a days,by that way you wont look  needy,anddesperate,and the guy would be curious about you as  you don’t open up yourself like a open book.

Use Innuendo


Once you’ve talked for a while (I mean days, not hours), you can use a bit of innuendo. “Oh, sorry I missed your call, I was in the shower…” Again, make sure you’re not giving him anything; he has to work for that and that’s even further down the line. Just hint.

It’s important that you do things step-by-step. If you start with innuendo or (horrors) naked pics, you end with nothing because you gave him the prize before he fought for it and proved himself worthy of it.

Take things step-by-step

Men live for the excitement. You have to give them just enough encouragement to keep running after you. This is why you are sometimes busy when they ask you out for a date or sometimes don’t reply to a text straight away. As I always say: a man should not be given priority until he’s proven himself worthy of it. If you do, chances are he will run because he will sense you don’t value yourself. Consequently, he won’t value you.Happy texting.