normal Barbie

Nickolay Lamm, the man behind the creation of Lammily the “Normal Barbie” recently launched add-on pack stickers to make his plastic doll more realistic.

Contrary to the famous Barbie, the rise of the “Average Doll” Lammily which was released earlier this year flaunts her out-of-the-perfection physique. The doll measures are based on a typical 19-year old American teenager as provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

barbie vs lammily


The doll affirms its slogan “Average is Beautiful.” Therefore, the claim led to various remarks of concerned groups into disturbing the then disturbed perception of beauty set by the market. Feminists and various critics question the confusion children might raise in case they still didn’t match the look of the so called normal doll.

However, a video of children in one grade school showcased positive feedbacks in preferring Lammily over the 36-24-36 Barbie figure.


The down side of this new doll is the lacking personality on its franchise. Barbie has various profession while Lammily seems not to have any. The healthy looking Anti-Barbie focuses on its physical advocacy wearing its’ little or no makeup look and a 31- inched waistline.

Now how about acnes, stretch marks, tattoos and cellulites that the doll offers? Will this marketing strategy click aside from the recent sale of Lammily in stores?


tattoos and cellulites

Lammily with Acne,

lammily with acne


With Freckles,












Stretch marks,

stretch marks


and Temporary Tattoo.

temporary tattoo


They could have forgotten creating unwanted hair on their add-on packs or releasing a kinky haired, black or olive skinned Barbie and tummy fats that roll if their targets are mere appearance.