A lot of tech nerds have already exhaled with the remarks, “Oh, Microsoft has, at long last, released its new browser that can kill the unflinching popularity of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome!” They have said all they found about Microsoft Edge is truly worthy of appreciation.

Fast, secure and clean, Microsoft’s new browser seems to be free of what was lee-than-good about Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft’s previous soldier to take on Firefox and Chrome, but in vain. Experts have unveiled that users will experience security and incompatibility issues less frequently. Also, they will not need to send crashing report too often.

Microsoft Edge Windows10 Browser

With these conveniences in mind, comparison between Edge and Chrome in terms of speed, features, productivity and other features has also been drawn.

Does this mark the end of IE? Of course not……

Windows 10 accompanies IE 11, and the most convincing part of new Windows browser is that its icon is identical to its previous sibling.

People say it’s no less than a SPEED DEMON……

Aesthetically simple with fewer browser options noticeable, it is technically designed to yield speedy performance on several JavaScript benchmarks.

Microsoft Edge Windows10

It lets you unleash the possibility to leave your own mark……

Microsoft Edge

Wishing to put down your own remarks or notes on top of a certain webpage? Well, love this browser as this lets you do the same.

Windows 10 Microsoft Edge

Do you enjoy feelings like reading newspapers? Go and discover Edge’s READING VIEW.

Windows 10 Cortana

You don’t want to miss a knowledgeable personal assistant……

Say hello to Cortana, Windows’ very special gift to you! In some of your webpages, you will notice Cortana’s circular icon. You will get some valuable pieces of information if needed.

After all these, one thing conscious users will love to remember is that Edge still needs some time to appear as a fully-fledged internet browser. However, given that you love the speed and smoother experience, you will not really miss the browser plug-ins too much.