Parents can’t control everything regarding what their child does and that’s the way it should be. Parents should raise children who are confident, responsible and independent and who turn into such adults as well. For this purpose, kids need some time away from their parents as well so that they can develop such qualities. If parents are constantly going to rescue their children from uncomfortable situations,they will never learn how to deal with issues on their own. This is why they need to make mistakes and to learn from their experiences as well.

However when being a parent, it is an obligation to keep children safe and to have boundaries for learning and growth as well. Alongside this, parents need to build trust with their children at each stage of development which is what will ensure they have a good relationship. The same concept applies to using cell phones. If a child says that he is being responsible with how he uses the cell phone, it is natural that the parent will want to see that their child is in fact using the cell phone in a responsible manner.

In order to develop trust yet monitor the child, parents can make use apps such as TheOneSpy. Technology shouldn’t and doesn’t be different from the ethical and moral development of a child;instead the use of cell phones should be another way through which children can be taught responsible behavior. When giving children cell phones to use, parents can perhaps create a cell phone contract in which the responsibilities and boundaries are clearly stated along with the kind of monitoring which will occur; kids should be taught about the safety of cell phones and how passwords should be kept and personal information not revealed; kids should be taught about cyber bullying and should be given the skills to deal with it if they are ever bullied; kids should be taught of how others should be treated and lastly, they should also be provided with down time when the cell phone is taken away at night.

Instead of being worried about the kind of trouble their child is in, parents can teach their children about how to be more responsible and moral and how they would be expected to act when being handed this privilege. Parents should also be clear as to why they are giving their child a cell phone to begin with and they should be open with them about it. Some reasons could include being able to contact them in times of emergencies; to increase their skill of responsibility; to track their child’s movement in a general area and to coordinate their schedules.

If parents wish to avoid over monitoring their child, they can simply give them a phone which can only allow phone calls or text. This way, there would be no need for a smart phone as simpler phones would be easier to monitor and spy on without the need of a spy app. It would also be reducing the risk of your child being cyber bullied.

If however a smart phone is given to children, chances are that a spy app such as TheOneSpy would beneeded for parents to monitor their child’s activities on a regular basis. This is also something whichparents can tell their child and to let them know how Mobile phone spy app would help earn their trustand respect along with making sure that they are safe at all times.

It is the job of parents to make sure their child behaves appropriately and is making good choices whenever the chance. Parents who are successful in building trust and keeping an open communication with their child are likely to be able to monitor their cell phones also in a successful manner without taking away their child’s chances of developing to be independent and confident.