Every gregarious human will acknowledge that very few relationships can be as sweet, timeless, beautiful and heavenly as the bond between a daughter and the mother. Neither time nor distance seems powerful enough to coerce the strength of this bond. One of the practical and modern illustrations of this bond can be the mother daughter symbols.

Indispensableness of mother daughter symbols

Having inked symbols or tattoos on the body is not only a painful but also an expensive undertaking. Then, why do mothers and daughters would want to undergo the rigors of bearing such symbols?

A daughter is physiologically and psychologically connected to her mother right from the birth. The mother can only experience how it feels to give birth to her daughter. The mother finds pleasure in making her daughter happy, and the same thing applies to the daughter as she grows up.placeholder_landscape

With an identical symbol inked on the body, both persons can get a chance to feel the sting and pain at the same time with the only purpose to express their mutual feelings. The symbols also help them to demonstrate the communion of their souls.

By having the symbols, both the mother and her daughter can announce in a silent manner that their bond lives up to their existence on earth. It is a great proclamation of their commitments and passions towards each other.

Categories of mother daughter symbols

Different symbols or tattoos denote different levels and sorts of emotional expressions through the elements and symbolic pieces. Here are some of the most popular categories of mother daughter symbols to consider.

Matching Infinity Heart Symbolsheart_infinity_symbol

This is probably the most desired and sought after category of symbols which represent respect and eternal love of the daughter and her mother.

Yin Yang Symbols

The mother and daughter can complement each other in many ways. They can also fulfill each other’s needs and desires. After all, their efforts often become critical to ensure the completeness of each other’s lives. All these aspects of the lives of mothers and daughters can be expressed quite eloquently and meaningfully through Yin Yang symbols.


Puzzle Piecesyin_yang_symbol

Some women and girls with more delicate minds tend to puzzle symbols. These pieces get completed when both the mother and daughter come closer or combined. The purpose of these symbols is that the mother and the daughter are equally important to each other’s lives if they want their lives to have a meaning.

Text Symbols

The names of both daughters and mothers can be inked on each other’s body parts in order to convey a meaning that each
person, mother or daughter, always stays or exists with another, mother or daughter. Some people want to have their favorite quotes inked along with the naming letters. These quotes help them express their mutual sentiments.

Small images of stars, hearts, dream catchers, butterflies, flowers, etc. can also be tattooed. These images may make the symbols more meaningful and precisely understandable. A good example of symbolic images may include a key and a lock, meaning that the lock or the key is of no use without the presence of each other. The same thing can be said about a mother and her daughter.

Things to consider before having mother daughter symbols

Finding the best designer/ artist_puzzle_pieces

The reputation and quality of work offered by the designer of the symbols are two of the most important considerations. Since designers come with varying degrees of talent and tattooing skills, you need to look into their pricing options.

Choosing the suitable colors

Different women and girls have different skin tones which should be considered to match the best colors for their particular skin tones. You can incorporate complementary colors for your desired symbols. Be careful while choosing the color because how the color will react with your particular skin tone is quite important. Here is a quick walkthrough for your convenience.

  • Women with olive skin tone should use pastel colors, such as, mink green, buttery yellow and light pink.
  • Women with cool skin tone can also use pastel colors. However, you must avert the use of orange since it might overwhelm your skin tone.
  • Women with warm skin tone should use a little deeper colors like emerald green, ruby, blue and cobalt.
  • If you have dark skin tone, you can use bright tangerine colors or rich purples.


Mother daughter symbols can be placed on a variety of parts of the body, such as, the ankles, wrists, thighs, legs, forearms, chests, shoulders, and backs. However, it should be made sure that the symbols on the bodies of the mother and daughter are placed at exactly the same portion.

Finally, you may ask if the symbols are a mere artwork on the physique or something with deeper meanings and feelings. The answer is that the symbols signify more than just some beautiful designs inked on someone’s body parts.