For generations to come, Robin Williams will always be cherished as a family figure who produced so many good movies. Mrs. Doubtfire was perhaps one of my childhood favorites. But there are some super crazy things that not many people know about Robin Williams right before he died.

1.The Oscar Winner was Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease Shortly before Taking His Own Life. He was not Ready to Share this Information Publicly.

Robin Williams

2.Robin Williams had 4 Unreleased Films! They are “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb,” “Merry Friggin’ Christmas,” “Boulevard,” and “Absolutely Anything.”

Robin Williams Unreleased Films


3.In Good Will Hunting, Robin Williams Made up the Last Line, Which is Why Damon was Laughing so Hard about His Wife Farting in Bed.

Robin Williams Made up the Last Line

4. Robin Williams Died after Hanging Himself with a Belt around His Neck.

R Williams Died after Hanging Himself with Belt

5. Robin Williams Made His Last Public Appearance at the San Francisco Zoo. He was Always Known as an Amazing Animal Lover.

Robin Williams Last Public Appearance