The tallest living person on the earth

The Tallest Living Person

The man named ” Sultan Kosen “, 31 of age lives in Ankara, turkey is declared as the world’s tallest living man on the earth . he is measured 251 cm which is 8ft 3 inch. He also holds the current Guinness world record for the same mark. his family profession is farming and he do the same and helps his father in farming.

The man with the biggest hands

The man with the biggest hands

Along with the big height sultan kosen also have the biggest hands with the measurement of 28.5 cm (11.22 inch). measured from the wrist to the nail of mid finger .And this size is also written in the Guinness book of world record.

The longest foot on the earth

The longest foot on the earth

Sultan Kosen also held the world record for biggest foot . the measurements of his foot are;

right = 35.5 cm (1 ft 1.98 inch ) , left = 36.5 cm (1 ft 2 inch )

Causes of his giant size

Causes Sultan Kosen giant size

Sultan’s development and enormous tallness brought on by a condition known as “pituitary gigantism”, which is the consequence of an over-creation of development hormone. Development hormone is discharged from the pituitary organ in the cerebrum; if the organ is harmed by, say, a tumor, it can discharge an excess of (or too little) hormone. The impacts of over-generation incorporates substantial hands, a thickening of the bones, and excruciating joints.

Sultan didn’t begin his unimaginable development spurt until he was 10 years of age. However he at long last seems to have stop developing, Progressive gamma blade surgery on the tumor influencing his pituitary organ, gave by the University of Virginia, USA, in August 2010, has at long last ended his generation of development hormone.