Zion Harvey, an 8-year old boy from Baltimore, has already gone to the pages of medical history. He has received the first double-hand transplant which is, of course, a landmark in the history of pediatrics and medical treatment as well. Now, the boy has really something of a reason to be happy.

Zion will enjoy his life a lot from now on as he will be capable of throwing a football or climbing the monkey bars. These are the experiences that the boy is going to have for the first time. At the age of two, the boy met a very melancholic destiny as he had an infection that resulted in him facing the adversity of amputating the hands and legs below his knee.

Why Zion?

The hand transplantation procedure necessitates that an individual receiving the transplanted hands takes medication as long as he/she lives. The reason is that the medication will not let the body reject the transplant. Being a regular consumer of anti-rejection medication, Zion turned out to be an ideal candidate for the operation. At an early age, Zion had to take a kidney transplant that requires him to take such medication.

The little boy is not idle at all as he has already started encouraging children having adversities, so they wait until the day their dreams come true.