There is no limit to places that provide individuals with the opportunity to learn different languages. That being said, a lot of institutions offers tailored-made programs that are best suited for adults which include cultural trips, faculty-led programs, and travel adventure programs.

Here are some of the common language schools abroad.

Study Spanish abroad

There are a lot of advantages for choosing to study Spanish abroad. First of all, Spanish is an official language for over twenty countries, and it is spoken by five hundred million people as a second language and 400 million people as the first language. It is the second most popular language, and this is one of the reasons why you should consider studying Spanish abroad.

Studying Spanish in Spain gives you the opportunity to discover the unique ways of life while improving your language skills. Additionally, with the Spanish immersion programs, you can easily combine cultural activities with in-class instruction and this helps to promote the immediate application of language.

Learning Italian in Italy

A lot of people might not know this but Italian is the closest descendant of Latin, and it is fifth most popular language that’s spoken in different other countries apart from Italy. Once you begin studying Italian, you will realize that it uses the same alphabetical letters except five. One of the oldest language schools in Italy is located in Florence which is also Italy’s leading tourist destination center. The institution features patios and rooftop terrace for studying and socializing as well as over eight classrooms with large windows and balconies overlooking Florence.

German language schools

German is a popular language among the native community, and it is also spoken by over two hundred million people worldwide. The main language schools in Germany are located in Munich, Frankfurt, and Berlin. The language school in Munich, for instance, is situated in a breathtaking Baroque-style building that dates back to the twentieth century. Students can enjoy modern and spacious classrooms with a laid back environment so that they can quickly learn German. The tutors have years of experience in teaching native language and students of all skill levels can be accommodated.

Korean language schools

Korean is one of the most challenging but rewarding languages that is not only spoken by 78 million people, but it is the official language in North and South Korea as well as the Yanbian (A Korean prefecture in China). Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and has a population of over ten million people. It also one of the most advanced industrial cities and a leading commercial and financial center in the world.

Hongik University is one of the Korean institutions that train Korean to different students around the world. Each language course holds a maximum of two hundred students and features bright classrooms fitted with an air conditioner. There are also various courses on offer which includes a two week super intensive programs as well as the standard programs that are composed of 12 to 18 group lessons per week.