He never though his love for gaming would bring him to an extremely different height. In his case, he can both define the word ‘height’ literally and beyond.

Will Cruz, the 23-year old Utah native who had never went outside US is the lucky video game fan who was chosen by Ubisoft to be given an extraordinary experience. At about 18,569 feet above sea level, he battled the cold snow of Mt. Everest and the soon to be launched “Far Cry 4,” a video game released by Ubisoft.

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This fearless man and a passionate video gamer is now the renowned title holder of the “Guiness World Record for Highest Altitude Videogame Console Session” and winner of the “Quest for Everest: The Gaming Journey of a Lifetime” contest.

The virtual game’s setting and the icy Everest slopes had no difference at all. In a span of 90 minutes, Cruz set a pioneer record in his most undreamt spot.

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Cruz shared that his experience was indeed a tough one. He went through disrupted sleeping habits and headaches in the snowy caps. Apart from his struggle, he admitted he is more than willing to repeat the experience.