Tattoos and pain are quite synonymous. People who have tattoos on the various parts of their body will bet it is impossible to get a tattoo without undergoing at least a little pain. But, there are still many people who are willing to undergo that much agony, probably because they might think tattooing has something to do with fashionable lifestyle.

However, the pain caused by extreme fire is not the same as that caused by a little sting.

Many people are too obsessed with getting tattoos on some parts of their body without really assessing the situation– whether tattoos are safe or not. Pain is not at all unpleasant unless it gets you through the carousel of agony.

But, there are 10 parts of the body, unfortunately the most popular choices of tattoo lovers, which seem to be tattooed. Believe it or not; people start realizing their mistakes soon after they let the artists do their jobs. Well, the head, face, sternum, hand, elbow, stomach and ribcage, butt cheeks, knee and inner thigh, ankle and foot are those not-so-good parts of the body.

Head Tattoos
Head tattoos are jarring and painful as they let you hear the process quite acutely……
Face Tattoos
Don’t tattoo your face……
Sternum Tattoos
Do you feel like being cut open with a hot, sharp knife?
Stomach and Ribcage Tattoos
Tattoos on stomach or ribcage always hurt a lot without causing the pain to let up……

Tattoo artists believe that the goal of their job is to let people enjoy having their favorite thing depicted on their skin while enduring minimal pain during the procedure. Again, for those who love safe body piercing, the same goal applies.

Best parts of the body:

While different artists may say different things, most will opine that arms, shoulders and lower legs are ideal for the purpose.

Shoulder Tattoos
You can easily manage the artwork on your shoulders……

After all, many artists have also suggested the above mentioned areas can be manageable too provided the artist who will do the job has years of experience and the person who will get the tattoo has no fear having his/her body pierced.